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Foreign workers have told us that it can be challenging to find work in Canada because they do not live in Canada.  You cannot actively look for a job in Canada and when you try to apply for positions, you do not receive a positive response even though you have excellent experience and are ready to work. If you are randomly applying for jobs to companies that are not looking for foreign workers, you are wasting your time. We are your solution as Canadian employers visit our website specifically to hire foreign workers.  Our website allows you the opportunity to showcase your skills directly to Canadian employers looking to hire foreign workers. Let employers know you are available and ready to work.  Let them contact you directly without a middle person. 

Without your ad, an employer has no way to contact you directly so how do you connect? 

Our goal is to help you find employment in Canada. By placing an ad on, you provide Canadian employers a chance to find you.  Our forum allows Canadian employers direct contact with foreign workers actively looking for jobs.


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