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Canadian Employers: View Foreign Worker Profiles and Contact Them Directly for FREE!

Welcome to, a FREE Canadian hospitality job site helping employers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and throughout Canada connect with foreign job seekers looking for a hospitality career.

Why hire a foreign worker?  Whether you are a hotel owner searching for a front desk clerk or a family looking for a caregiver, many employers decide to hire a foreign worker when they are unable to fill their staffing needs with local Canadian job seekers.

Whether you require workers for hotel room attendant jobs, cleaning jobs, restaurant jobs, or you are searching for a nanny or a live in caregiver for your family, we have foreign workers from around the world ready to work!

Fortunately, recent changes in Canadian immigration laws are making it possible for Canadian employers to hire foreign workers faster than ever before. The Canadian foreign worker program used to be focused on attracting only highly skilled foreign workers, but has now expanded to include jobs requiring minimal skills.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) have announced additional improvements to the Temporary Foreign Worker program. These improvements address challenges that Canadian employers face in filling labour shortages. The changes significantly reduce the time it takes to bring the foreign workers to Canada.

Also, a new process has been developed to assist employers who are experiencing difficulty filling job vacancies in particular career fields. HRSDC / Service Canada has recently implemented regional lists of occupations under pressure to reduce the amount of time it takes for an employer to hire a foreign worker.

View Foreign Worker Profiles


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