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Hiring Tips

1. Read profiles of candidates carefully while keeping in mind the following 2 questions:

i) Does the candidate have the educational background to perform the job duties you require?

ii) Does the candidate have the hands-on experience you feel is necessary to carry out the job responsibilities?

2. Screen candidates carefully over the telephone and by sending them an e-mail.  How are the candidate’s verbal and written communication skills and do they meet your requirements? 

3. The actual in-person interview is your best tool in the hiring process.  However, as these are foreign applicants, you can set up interviews using a webcam or skype. Set aside enough time to interview the candidate and prepare questions ahead of time.  Know in your mind exactly what the job entails and the job duties/responsibilities.  Is the candidate capable of meeting your expectations?  Be realistic.

4. It is very important to be clear and upfront about salary, hours of work, benefits, vacation time, job responsibilities, and your expectations.  You as well as the candidate do not want any surprises later on.

5. Check personal references.  The foreign workers are not pre-screened by our team.  The entire hiring process is in your control.  This is your opportunity to find out from a third party what the candidate is like in the work place.  If the candidate does not give a past employer’s contact information as part of their resume, then ask the candidate if you can contact any past employers.  Do not under estimate the power of reference checks.  Also, ask for copies of their transcripts, certificates, degrees or diplomas.

6. When you have made the important decision to hire the candidate, go one step further by asking the candidate to have a criminal record check done.  There is a very nominal charge for this.  Many employers are making this last step a firm office policy.

7. It is suggested that when you have hired the candidate, that you put in writing the terms of employment in a form of a contract.  At the very least, this should include hours of work, salary, benefits, vacation time and job responsibilities.  Also have both parties sign this written agreement.


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