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YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy set out below applies to all valid and legitimate users of this website. If you are a jobseeker or employer using this website in any way, you hereby consent to the policies, rules and regulations described herein. In addition, this Privacy Policy will explain how your information may or may not be collected, used, processed, transferred or disclosed as a result of using this website. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Also, please note that this website is governed by the Terms of Use Statement. Please read the Terms of Use as well.


In order for to be of the most assistance to you and as a jobseeker or employer, for this site to produce the best results for you, you may be required to provide personal or corporate information which may include your name, address, email address, telephone number, fax number, credit card number (where applicable), billing or other contact information. In some areas of this site, you may post information such as your resume (as a jobseeker) or aspects of the job you are advertising/posting (as an Employer). Jobseeker information you post will be able to be viewed by potential Employers. Likewise, Employer information you post will be able to be viewed by potential Jobseekers. If for any reason any third party obtains this information and misuses it, will not be held responsible for this. We will not give your information to any third party for alterior reasons that are not related to the purpose for which this site is intended.

In the event you do not want to reveal any information about yourself, you may still visit this website. If this occurs, the webserver may collect the name, address, domain you used, the IP address you used in order to navigate this website, the operating system you use and the site you previously visited and the site you visit often visiting our site. All this information is used by us to gauge the number of visits, pages viewed, average time spent on the site etc. We do this in order to gather statistics about our users, and to help improve our site performance, system administration, improve our business practice and customer service. By having these statistics, we hope to, internally, improve our site and customer satisfaction.

Another part of tracking customer information is by the use of “Cookies”. Cookies are clusters of data that are initially stored by your internet browser within your computer hard drive, which allows us to recognize you when you access Cookies are also helpful when you are searching for data; cookies transport search data from the request to the result page. A cookie in of itself cannot reveal to us your email address. However if you register at, we collect your information so that we may customize job opportunities for you if you are a jobseeker. Based on this, we use cookies to recognize you as a repeat customer/visitor and thereby make your new visit easier and convenient. Please note that there are sections of this site that may not work if you do not accept cookies.

In the quest to target specific advertising that may be beneficial to you, we also track user preferences. This also helps bring to you specific information from our potential Employers or advertisers.

So that we can best meet your needs, answer your questions, better the flow of information to you, increase customer satisfaction etc., we compile information you supply about yourself.

Please note that we never knowingly solicit information from children and we never knowingly advertise or market our service to children.

Giving us your personal information is first and foremost used for the purpose of what this site is intended for: to give Employers information about potential Jobseekers and to give potential Employers information about Jobseekers. Jobseekers and Employers are third parties to us and when you give us your information, you agree that your information may be shared with such third parties so that your requests may be fulfilled.

Aggregate (versus individual) statistics are also gathered by us to pass to third parties to help third parties better target the right audience in the site. However, we do not use, disclose or send your personal information which identifies you personally. Please note that in the event a court of competent jurisdiction requires us to disclose any personal information, we may do so.

We will try our best to ensure that any information you give us will not be misused by third parties for purpose for which your information was intended for and in accordance with your Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for any misuse of your information beyond our control.

In the event you provide us with your resume and/or other information, the collection, use of it and distribution is governed by the Terms of Use policy. Our intent is for Employers to be able to access your resume and to access your suitability for an available job in their organization. In our Terms of Use policy, we clearly state to potential Employers that Jobseekers’ resumes and information may only be used in order to see if they may be a Candidate for the job posting/availability and for the purpose permitted by this site. That said, we cannot guarantee that all Employers or third parties will properly and fully adhere to the Terms of Use policy we have set out for them. Please note that if at any time you want your resume removed from our site, you may do so at any time by sending us an e-mail at  Note that until such time, third parties may already have a copy of your resume.

Please note that your personal information is stored (on a private server in Canada). enables you to edit, access, and update information you have registered with or given us. In the event you have a question about your personal information or if you need to know if we have a record containing your personal information, or if you want to be deleted from our website, you may email us at Please let us know what email you have given to us as a reference.

At, we put procedures in place to ensure that we protect the security of your credit card information by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software which is certified by Thawte ©, which certifies and encrypts this credit card information. We do not reveal your credit card number when confirming an order. Naturally, we transmit the credit card number to the appropriate credit card company for processing payment.

Please note that only top-level administrative personnel at have access to your information. At, we ask our personnel that may have access to your information to only use such information within the context of what intended use is, and that is to help connect Employers with Jobseekers and to only use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy of as well as in accordance with the applicable laws to that effect. Any employee who misuses confidential client information will be subject to disciplinary action and possible termination. reserves the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy statement at any time and will ensure to update this posted policy on this site if any changes occur. We ask that you look, from time to time, for any changes or amendments. You may do so by clicking on “Last Update” within this Privacy Policy. The most recent update is the one that will govern your use of this site. Please note that from time to time, may have within it, links to other sites. Although we try to make sure that such sites are respectful of the privacy of your information, we cannot guarantee this. It is up to you to ensure that connecting to any links (that take you to third party sites) are secure and mindful of the privacy of your information. If you are not sure about the privacy of your information on third party sites, you should refrain from using them or contact them directly for clarification.

We thank you for taking the time to read this Privacy Policy and wish you success in your search.
By using this site, you hereby agree to our Terms of Use. All information submitted by you is subject to our Privacy Policy.

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Copyright © 2005 All rights reserved. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Use. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in each of these statements. Website by: Acecomp Plus.

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